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Who are we?

Bond Investigations was formed by three professionals whose joint experiences in their respective careers led them to realise that there was need for a competent and professional specialist in the private investigations industry.

The three partners reached this conclusion following their individual exposure and involvement in private and criminal investigation.

The background of each of the partners is summarised as follows:

Partner 1
Over 30 years experience in senior management (reaching Company Director level) of a finance organisation specialising in financial investigations of businesses and members of the public.

Partner 2
30 years experience within the police force attaining a rank of senior detective within CID.

Partner 3
Over 30 years experience in senior management (reaching Company Director level) of a national private company employing over 2000 people, specialising in employment law and employee theft, fraud and malpractice.

As you will see, the three partners have a wide range of complementary and relevant experience which combine to form an ideal management team.

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